Bathroom Chandeliers - IP44

Let's be honest: while choosing a new chandelier for an interior technical parameters are the last thing to check. In most cases chandelier appearance is a key selection filter. 

But what about places of higher humidity? Is it safe to choose a regular chandelier for a bathroom? Simple answer is No, it’s not.

Full answer is as follows... 

To measure a level of protection against solid objects or water IP (Ingress Protection) rating is usually used. It is formed by two digits. The first one represents a degree of protection from solid objects (over 1mm), the second one stands for protection against water splashes from all directions. IP is regulated by the International Electrotechnical Commission and corresponds to European standard EN 60529.

IP44 is a rating of our classic bathroom chandeliers. What does it mean?

It means that our product lines for bathrooms have the indicator “4” for both protection scales. Therefore, these products are protected from contact with tools or a wire, against foreign objects (with a diameter greater than 1mm) and against splashed water from all angles. 

We would like to notice, that chandeliers with IP44 are not water-resistant or rain resistant. They are not suitable to overcome heavy rains (in that case at least IP 65 is needed). 

 Bathroom chandelier  IP44 scheme

Let’s take a look at a simplified scheme. Chandeliers which are to be hung in zone 2 (within 60cm from the edge of the bath and to a height of 2.25m AND chandeliers inside a 60cm radius above a basin) are subject to IP44 protection. Everything above zone 2 also needs to have IP44 protection. Zone 1 requires a higher IP score. 

To represent our bathroom chandeliers with IP44 we've chosen our tiny Pompe 31-404206 Chandelier (design by Krebs). Elegant Swedish traditions in perfect manifestation.



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