Our products are real and pure high end quality, mostly hand made in Europe.

Chandelier frames are made of real solid brass with various surfaces treatments applied. All frames are made exclusively for our models and made at a factory in Ternopil (Tarnopol), Ukraine. The factory has own developed and certified quality system with comprehensive procedures of electric safety tests on special calibrated equipment. At least once a year individual Intertek inspector visits the factory to check and confirm the conformity with Semko certificate.

Crystal components supplied by world’s market leader company Scholer & Co. GmbH, Austria. Crystals of FL (Fantastic) and CL (Classic) lines made in Austria by Scholer. Crystals of SSL (Strass Line) та SPL (Spectra Line) and S6L (Swarovski Pendants 6000-Series) made in Austria by Swarovski Crystal. As an option, specially for Scholer Crystal, crystals of BL (Basic) line made in Turkey, crystals of EL (Economic) line made in Italy, crystals of AL (Asfour) line made in Egypt and crystals of PL (Preciosa Line) made in Czechia.

Brass components, unless made internally by Zavadski factory, are supplied by world’s famous producers from Italy (Framon, Metaldecor) and Spain (Arnal, Montesinos, Lozano). Brass material is supplied by Lebronze Alloys / Swiss Metal, electric fittings by Vossloh Schwabe (Germany).