Styles of chandeliers

Art is sometimes controversial and not clearly discrete to be classified by groups. New design flows grow every day and transmute into new “sub” styles.

Having been working for 30 years mostly as brass and crystal chandeliers producer we managed thousands of different projects, hence gained enough courage to develop chandelier classification across art styles to clarify our range.

Our classification is aimed to be understandable. Not only for precise art experts or Oxford’s Art History faculty’s alumnus. We believe that art ought to be close to the human soul and intuitively understandable. After all, our customers are focused on finding a perfect detail for interior…


Art Deco, short for Arts Décoratifs, is characterized by rich colours, bold geometry, and decadent detail work. Deriving from the best Art Deco interior designs, such as London’s Art Deco Eltham Palace, we defined key features of lighting fixtures to be: clean lines, wide materials palette and big massive clean surfaces.
Chandelier’s key features :: simple geometric forms, sole material (or a minimum of combinations), a wide plane of natural materials and soft light.
Representative model :: Andorra 45–01 chandelier. Suspended stepped alabaster stone with high-quality brass details. Exceptional hand-finished luminaire with sleek shapes. Though Alabaster is a porous stone and can be dyed into any colour or shade, we prefer to leave it untouched as its natural colour has a deep and genuine shade of beige with inherent veins.

Open image in slideshow, 45-01 Y-Br-AE


Sophisticated and intricate ornaments, a wide variety of pastel colors, giant spaces… this was briefly about baroque buildings’ interiors. Same with chandeliers. We are fairly confident that luminaire in this style is expected to represent a spirit of luxury and permissiveness and radiate a sense of high quality, as a bottle of old exquisite wine.

Chandelier’s key features :: Exuberant crystal garlands requiring labour-intensive techniques, curvy and magnificent, soft looking shapes.

Representative model :: Ledbury 37–04. Precisely cut crystals in a warm shade of topaz with a magnificent silhouette of brass frame.



Colonial style was created as a local traditional art fused with external cultural influences. It’s impossible to define clear features of Colonial interior, but generally it lies in classic Greek and French aristocratic styles with ethnic toppings and spices.

Chandelier’s key features :: culture-inspired ornaments and weavings, lanterns and basket shapes, ebony shades of brass.

Representative model :: Andorra 45–04 with a mouth-blown bubble glass in a centre of composition.


If an item doesn’t conform to any standards how can it be classified? Where do jazzy pendants belong? Humorous question with an answer no less humorous. Some argue that contemporary interior design is distinguished by clear lines and minimalistic palettes, while others insist on industrial sophistication. We will know for sure in two hundred years when all modern experience will be gathered and classified, maybe…

But now we do believe that a contemporary chandelier should give an extended answer to a fast-paced world. Contemporary flats are more proud of a clean space rather than sophisticated decoration (we do not have time to even decorate our houses now, do we?).

Alladin 31–701602

Chandelier’s key features :: extraordinary and unexpected shapes, a flexible suspension which affords change of chandelier position and does not proclaim any rules, a combination of clear lines and sophisticated materials.

Representative models :: Geometrics 17–50–51 in Nickel-plated brass and Krebs design Alladin 31–701602.

Geometrics 17–50–51 



Empire interior style tends to be fundamental and the most expensive. It is close to Baroque or Rococo in decorating features, but far enough to be easily recognizable. Individual pieces of furniture are expected to be expressed individually. High quality and rare materials are used to create a sense of luxury and to express a person’s relative social power.

Chandelier’s key features :: Symmetry in composition, ancient motifs used in ornament, usage of marble, brass, oak…

Representative model :: Nobel 31–304901 C-Br  Perfectly Finished Brass & Fantastic Line by Scholer Crystal Austria Full Cut Superb Trimmings.


Open image in slideshow, NOBEL 31-304901 C-Br

Nobel 31–304901 C-Br



Romantic style is famous for its soft color palette, high usage of silk and soft materials and vintage pieces of furniture. Accomplishing this kind of interior is quite a tricky task because of a need to balance between luxury and homely feeling.

If a chandelier looks perfectly in an orangery in your imagination, it will fit any romantic interior for sure.

Chandelier’s key features :: lightness, natural tones, shining or glittering textures, unicity.

Representative model :: Still life 14–11 Wall chandelier

If there was a task to write a description for this model only by one word, it would be “unique”. Hand-cast glass leaf is an artistic bespoke work. The pattern in gold was carefully applied by the talented hands of our designer. And, of course, perfectly polished brass, as our signature… Each piece is unique.


Traditional design of interior cannot be defined precisely, while different cultures have different preferences. At the same time, that’s just the matter of fact, that traditional design offers calm colors with vivid impregnations. It’s made to create home comfort and restful space for a cup of tea after a hard workday. It is not as ambitious as Empire or Baroque interior, but it is leading in functional and practical grades. One would definitely enjoy spending weekend in a house with a traditional interior.


Pompe 31–405804 C-Nk spe


Chandelier’s key features :: classic & traditional brass frames, usage of grand massive glass details, small to average sizes.

Representative models :: Pompe 31–405804 C-Nk spe Krebs chandelier and Superior Maroccan Chandelier 46–15 Br

Superior Maroccan Chandelier 46–15 Br 


Finally yet importantly: vintage. Vintage style is often taken for just renewed furniture or sloppy recoloured walls. But this range of interior artworks is much deeper than that.

The philosophy of admiring history and careful attitude to old-fashioned decor pieces is a grand basement of this style. With special attention to natural textures it opens new doors for lighting and decor designers.

Chandelier’s key features :: obsolete ebony brass (oxidised brass to a desired deep shade), old-fashioned shapes, comparability with a Marilyn Monroe.


Representative model :: Lancelot 31-104812 C-Eb

A little research and reading is always a right thing to do before accomplishing interior decoration. By all means designers mix styles and sometimes break the classic rules. At least they need to be acquainted with them in order to do so.

Thank you for reading. We are always here to assist you in your choice. Let the stylish apartment be!

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Taylor Abrams

This was a concise description of the interiors of baroque houses, and I appreciate the way you portrayed the elaborate and detailed embellishments, the vast range of pastel hues, and the enormous rooms. I feel like this is something that would look absolutely gorgeous in my apartment. I will have to think about this before I buy a Custom Chandelier, thanks.

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