17-68 C-Br AL Polished Brass Wreath Chandelier

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Introducing the epitome of elegance and modernity, the 17-68 C-Br AL Geometrics Chandelier is a breathtaking masterpiece meticulously handcrafted to redefine sophistication in your space. This contemporary marvel, in the form of a meticulously woven wreath, seamlessly blends geometric precision with artistic flair.

Crafted from brass, every inch of this chandelier exudes opulence. The divine fusion of crystal and brass elements adds a touch of celestial magic.

Made to order. Lead time to be estimated upon order.


Diameter, mm: 1000

Height, mm: 600

Bulb Type: G4

Bulbs Quantity: 48

Frame: Polished Brass

Trim: ASFOUR Crystal

Trim Colour: Clear