Andorra Table Lamp | Cadmium Yellow Cotton - Bright Dawn White Marble

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This collection of Table lamps is inspired by the beauty of natural shades.
The hand-made marble tower is not covered by any type of paint to keep the texture and natural look as brightly as possible. Cotton shades in reach colours are made to not only highlight the stone but to provide a soft and pleasant light source.

For a long time, we've been trying to create a lighting piece representing the soft and playful light of the natural sunset. Ambitious to say, but we did it.

This Table Lamp is a source of the eternal cloudless sunset in your living or sleeping room...

Width, mm: 370

Height, mm: 350

Bulb Type: 40W (E14)

Bulbs Quantity: 1

Materials: Marble, Cotton

Weight: 4,2 kg